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NLP TOP COACH is a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and motivational Coaches, Trainers & Business strategists. From experiences covering 5 continents, our breadth of knowledge and expertise will ensure you receive the best advice, consultancy and solutions for yourself and your corporation. We are passionate about helping you ‘Unleash your Power for Success and Happiness.

Sebastien Leblond
Sebastien LeblondFounder, Author, International Speaker, Master Coach and Trainer
Sebastien is a highly respected and sought after Master Coach and Trainer, and has trained thousands of individuals and companies to realize their goals. With over a decade of experience in Results Coaching, his purpose is to transform people’s lives so they can unleash their power in the areas of Wealth, Health, Career, Relationships, Success and Happiness.
David E Cramond
David E CramondBusiness Development Director, ICF Coach, NLP Trainer & Sales Mentor
With over 15 years of Corporate Training experience, David brings insight and practical understandings in getting the most out of yourself and leveraging your team for peak performance results. As the Director of a leading Global Training Institute, he has helped Multinational and local companies achieve their outcomes of Confidence in Communication in the workplace.
JUAN MARTINEZHead of Operations
JOEL GARZAProject Manager
OWEN MCKENZIESupport Manager
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“I came up full expectation and from day 1 I’ve had great energy, the energy of the group all the way through to day 6 was fantastic. It was a wonderful learning environment. I’ve had a great time and learned many life style and life skills.

Sebastien Leblond the Master Coach and Trainer, I love that guy, he brings passion every day, he inspires the group, he brings great metaphor as you will all learn. All along I recommend Luke, Sebastien and NLP Top Coach. ”

Darren Blackeley
Coach, Entrepreneur & Investor

NLP Certification

“NLP is great because it is scientific&logical. We didn’t just listen to the lecture but we had fun with active participation. It teaches you how to communicate effectively with managers & subordinates with compassion. It helps clear the obstacles in communication & it is good for those who are undergoing leadership development. I wish this course was part of the academic curriculum.”

Khunying Porntip Rojanasunan
Director Central Institute of Forensic Science, Department of Special Investigation

NLP Certification

“I graduated from NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner and I will definitely study in train the trainer. The thing that makes me want to learn is the Master Coach – Sebastien!! He can make me concentrate, as normally, I’m quite hyperactive and can’t sit still a long time. Sebastien has the energy to empower us all the time, and his training style gives us knowledge, and many experiences to learn through exercises. He takes the time to answer a question, which helps us for more understanding”

Thawara Siripipat (Dr.POP)
Author, Master of Ceremonies, Speaker, Song Writer

We Thrive On Passion, Authenticity and Results.

Creating World-Class Leaders, Coaches & Trainers

World’s No.1 Certification provider for NLP, Coaching & Leadership Development Training

Passion – We coach and train with passion, enthusiasm and confidence

Authentic –  Genuine team, delivering pure high quality NLP, Coaching & Leadership Certification

Results – Creating Success & Happiness in your business, health, wealth & relationships

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About Sebastiene Leblond

Sebastien is a highly respected and sought after NLP Master Coach and Trainer, and has trained thousands of individuals and companies to realize their goals. With over a decade of experience in Life Coaching & Executive Coaching, his purpose is to transform people’s lives… click for more

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